All the reasons you really should have an online presence for your business!

Think Your Business Can Survive Without A Website? Think Again!

By Kitty French, Manta Contributor – May 29, 2018    

Why You Need a Website

Your small business needs a website to establish a reliable online presence, attract new customers, and provide a great impression of your products and services.

Websites can be costly to build and time-consuming for a small business to maintain. But are they worth the investment? Absolutely, say digital marketing experts. 

“Consumers expect to be able to find you online, and if they can’t then many people will look for another option,” said Airto Zamorano, co-founder and CEO of Numana SEO, a digital marketing agency based in Denver.

​There are two basic reasons to have a website, says Zamorano.

  1. To establish a reliable online presence. “Think of it as an online business card for those who either know you, or were referred to you,” he said. “Some businesses will make their website very elaborate, and others will only need something closer to an actual business card. Whatever fits your business best, the point is to have something that
    provides your customers with a great feeling about your services or product.”
  2. ​To attract new customers. “Having a website is an essential piece of being visible online to potential customers who wouldn’t otherwise know about you.”

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